Bonnie's Notes.... 

cheekyThank you to all who came out this Fall to celebrate pumpkins, fun and Halloween! Mother Nature did show us who's still in charge when it comes to weather sad having to close three days and early two nights was a disappointment to many, including us, but we should never complain about rain when our state is in a drought.

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As more and more people are making healthy eating choices, Swank Farms is proud to be a supplier of quality farm foods for many Hollister, CA residents. Selling fresh produce, ornamentals and their famous salsa at local farmer’s markets and produce stands, Swank Farms is proud to be involved with Hollister CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs. Both children and adults will not only enjoy the farm’s produce but will find the farm an interactive place to enjoy educational, family fun.

Farm Fresh Produce for Sale
Offering many popular Hollister CA Farm Market goods for sale, shoppers attending local farmer’s markets can recognize Swank Farms’ produce stands by looking for their friendly employees. At each produce stand, employees will be wearing a Swank Farms uniform and can gladly assist buyers with selecting farm-fresh produce, seasonal ornamentals and tasty salsa. Interested customers can visit the following organizations to view each market’s schedules, as Swank Farms is represented at the following association’s markets:

- California Farmer’s Market Association (selling produce at Blossom Hill, Daly City, Moraga, Morgan Hill, Mountain View, San Francisco- Crocker Galleria, Saratoga)
- Pacific Coast Farmer’s Market Association (selling produce at Concord, Livermore, Valco, Jack London Square, San Mateo, Evergreen)
- Hollister Downtown Association – Hollister CFM
- Old Monterey Business Association – Monterey CFM
- Swank Farms – Onsite in Hollister, California

Swank Farms is also proud to present to you our Home Made Fudge made with REAL Butter!! It is a delcious treat to enjoy with the whole family, or just yourself. Home made Fudge is always the perfect gift for any occasion, so ask for a sample and fall in love with it's creamy rich flavor that melts in your mouth!

October Fun
Each year, Swank Farms opens their popular, Hollister CA Corn Maze to the public. Offering a choice of two mazes, the “Spookley Maze” is popular with young children while the “Maniac Maze” offers a more challenging course. Mazes grow more complex annually and each year offers a different course. After completing the maze, if interested in other California Haunted Ranch activities, allow guests to choose age-appropriate experiences.

Preparing for October fun means Swank Farms plans for guests well in advance. From growing acres upon acres of corn, to growing 21 varieties of pumpkins, gourds and Indian corn, the farm uses and sells a variety of fall produce for this well-known event. Producing a diverse CA Pumpkin Patch, some of the other activities families can enjoy include:
- Giant Jumping Pillow
- Pedal Karts
- Pumpkin Sling Shot
- Corn Cannon
- Sumo Wrestling
- Mining for Gemstones and Fossils

October field trip opportunities are also available for pre-school aged children and up. Whether a class is interested in a fun, fall experience or requires a hands-on lesson in agriculture, Swank Farms welcomes school-aged, educational groups. Lessons presented are age-specific and younger children will enjoy learning about Spookley.